Call for Articles

Here are Pom Pom Quarterly we are passionate about writing as well as crafts.

We are interested in writing about knitting and other crafts (of course), but we are also interested in what you have to say about a range of topics, from remarkable experiences, sciences, arts, and photography, to language, psychology, and food. Anything and everything. If we think it is well written, and that you are saying something that needs to be read, we will print it.

Be witty, be interesting, be unusual. Short stories, travelogues, interviews and historical themes are all welcome too. If you have a finished article or story, please send it along with some information about yourself and your experience as a writer. If it is an idea, then please send us an outline and a sample of previous work, should you have any. Please also include an estimate of the length of the piece, and how you see your article illustrated.

We want writing you wouldn’t see in other knitting magazines; articles and stories knitters will love, and that non-knitters can enjoy too.

Compensation is offered on a scale of length of article, etc. You can also rest assured your piece will be presented in the best light possible, with professional editing and brilliant graphic design. If you have further questions, please email us at All submissions should be sent to

We can’t wait to see what you have for us!