11. Our Raglan Pullover Pins

Crafters and enamel pins go together like... yarn and needles? As knitters, crocheters, and lovers of enamel pins ourselves, the Pom Team thought it would be fun to combine our affections and create an enamel pin which crafters could wear proudly on their 'me-made' items! Our raglan pullover-shaped pins celebrate the handmade nature of the clothes we make, and we hope they'll find a home on your carefully crafted garments, too! 

As you can see from the photo above, our pins are available in two shades: warm tones (pink + yellow), and cool tones (turquoise + blue)! As the Pom Team love a pink and yellow combo, we anticipated that the pin in warmer tones would be more popular, but you've proved us wrong, as the blue pin is currently the best seller!

Now, the Pom Team love a quiz (almost as much as we love enamel pins!), so here's a micro quiz for the Ready Set Raglan experts among you! Below are images of our raglan pullovers featuring an enamel pin, but can you guess which raglan designs they are? The answers are at the foot of the page. Ready, set, quiz time! 

 1. Which pattern is Lydia's pin on? (Yarn: Peace Fleece DK in Distant Maple) 

2. Which pattern is Alice's pin on? (Yarn: La Bien Aimée's Mondim in Kitsune and Drops' Kid Silk in Shade 14)

3. Which pattern is Alice's pin on now? 
(Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter in Old World)

4. Which pattern are Sofia's and Gayle's pins on? 

(Yarn: Julie Asselin's Nurtured in Green Mountain)

(Yarn: Harrisville's Watershed in Birch Bark)

5. Which pattern is Francesca's pin on? (Yarn: Harrisville's Nightshades in Talk Radio)

6. Which pattern is Alice's pin on this time?
(Yarn: Qing Fibre Mohair in Fawkes and Drops' Flora in Shade 3) 


Our raglan pullover pins are available individually, or as part of our Ready Set Raglan bundle which includes Ready Set Raglan and a pin! We hope that you love them as much as we do. May they prompt many impressed gasps of "You made that?!" xxx

Now for the answers! Did you recognise Alice's jumpers from 'An Ode to Eirys'? 😜
1. Eila 
2. Eirys 
3. Eirys 
4. Woodwardia 
5. Cyren 
6. Eirys 

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