8. Your Dream Raglan Pullover

Ready Set Raglan is your guide to making your dream raglan pullover! Whether you love a high neck pullover with split hems or a hugging ribbed pattern with bracelet-length sleeves, our raglan pullover collection has got you covered! The book teaches you how to customise many elements of a pullover, and even includes a section dedicated to playing with colour - another way to take ownership of your knitting and make something that's truly unique. 

(An extract from Ready Set Raglan's Exploring Colour section!)

The Pom Team use equations to plan their preferred styles! To give you a little inspiration, we've shared ours below! We encourage you to map out your perfect pullover or pullovers and then make them happen! Simply take [ideal length] + [preferred sleeve style] + [favoured hem] + [favourite yarn] = your optimal raglan! Dreams do come true!

Many of the Pom Team were the sample knitters for the pullovers you see in the book! So it was a chance to put our equations to the test! 

Cropped length + high neckband + long sleeves + standard hem + fluffy yarn marled with a variegated colour

(Lydia's Elowen sample!)

Cropped length + short neckband (with short rows) + bracelet-length sleeves + standard hem + solid or smudgy colour

Regular length + rolled neck + long sleeves + split hem + marled or colour block

Regular length + high neckband + long sleeves + split hems + marled or single colour

(Sofia's Woodwardia sample!)

Cropped length + short neckband + long sleeves + longer ribbed split hem + marled colour

Regular or longer length + short neckband + bracelet-length sleeves + split hem + marled or single colour

Cropped length + short neckband (with short rows) + split hem + bracelet-length sleeves + marled or single colour texture (cables/purl ridges/etc.)

(Alice's Eirys sample!)

Cropped length + rolled neck + long sleeves + split hem + solid colour

Longer length + long, loose sleeves + chunky 2x2 rib hem + bright colour 

Cropped length + short neckband + bracelet-length sleeves + split hem + marled or colour block

(Amy's Eila sample!)

The possibilities are endless, and Ready Set Raglan is here to steady your needles and offer advice as you explore all the options! We hope you can make a perfect-for-you pullover using the simple equations method. We've got a new Ready Set Raglan-related product launching very soon! Stay tuned! 

Have a lovely rest of the week, Pom Pals! Xx 

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