9. 2021 Pom Pom KAL!

Welcome to our very first year-long knit along! We're so pleased you're here!

If you're joining us from our beginner's book, Knit How, you might not know what a knit along is. Let's explain! A knit along - usually shortened to KAL - is a dedicated period of time in which you can connect with other crafters (crocheters and knitters alike!) who are working on the same project or from the same publication as you. For example, in 2020 we ran a KAL for all the people working from Knits About Winter by Emily Foden. KALs are a fantastic way to connect with crafters all over the world and to build communities based on the love for a particular book or project!

In the past, we've had a dedicated KAL for each publication we release, and each KAL usually lasts a few months. But we came to the conclusion that we're living through stressful enough times already, without the added pressure of knitting deadlines! So with our 2021 KAL, you only have one day to keep in mind: Friday 31st December 2021. Gosh, doesn't that seem a long way off?! 

(Eirys from Ready Set Raglan)

KAL duration: Monday 18th January 2021 - Friday 31st December 2021 

Which project(s) can I enter? Any project printed in a Pom Pom publication! This includes Issues 1-35 (or Issues 1-39 by the end of the year!), one of our free patterns, or any Pom Pom Press title: Take Heart, Wool Journey, Knits About Winter, Knit How, Knitting Outside the Box, Knitting Outside the Box: Drape and Fold, Ready Set Raglan, or any book from the Interpretations series. Projects from these publications are very welcome indeed, although we ask that you only enter projects which you haven't entered in a Pom Pom KAL before. 

How do I enter? There are three ways you can enter! You can upload a photo to our dedicated Ravelry thread or you can upload a photo to Instagram using #PomKAL2021 in your caption, but make sure your Instagram profile is public otherwise we won't be able to see your photo! If neither Ravelry or Instagram are accessible to you, then you have the option to enter via Typeform

Top tip! Did you know that you can follow #s on Instagram as well as people? If you plan to enter via Instagram, we recommend you follow #PomKAL2021 for oodles of inspiration as people upload their WIP (work-in-progress) and FO (finished object) photos. 

Are only FO (finished object) photos included? On Instagram, you can upload either a WIP (work-in-progress) or FO photo - as long as you've included #PomKAL2021 in your caption, you'll have entered! Similarly, FO and WIP photos can be entered via Typeform or Ravelry.

Now for the exciting news... 🥁Ok, so far this '12 Weeks of Raglan' story has been only tangentially related to Ready Set Raglan. Well, now for the big reveal! Each month (excluding January because we're only just getting started!) will either be sponsored by Pom Pom, a yarn company or shop associated with our raglan pullover collection, or a different indie yarn company we really love! 

We'll announce the prize at the start of each month! In terms of winner selection, we (or rather a clever tool designed to randomly select names) will be picking a winner at the end of each month. We will be drawing from exactly the same Instagram #, Ravelry thread, and Typeform entries every month. This means that a photo you upload in January might be picked as a winner in a different month - exciting stuff! 

During the months sponsored by small businesses other than Pom Pom, we'll be running a blog feature about that business, so stay tuned! We'll announce the winner(s) every month, and showcase some of the best KAL entries which have caught our eyes! 

We're delighted to announce that February's sponsor is Qing Fibre, whose Melted Baby Suri you may recognise from Ready Set Raglan's cover knit, Elowen, pictured below! 


And there you have it! We can't wait to see what you make! 



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