An Interview with Shala Jones of Black Purl Magic


This month we got the chance to chat with our July Pom MAL sponsor, Shala of Black Purl Magic and dig deeper into her work-life balance. She shared about having a spot in this large sea of makers and how she landed on her iconic vinyl accessories.

How did you come up with the name Black Purl Magic and what does the name represent for you? 

Black Purl Magic is a play on the hashtag #blackgirlmagic. "Black girl magic" means knowing that it may be more difficult at times but no one can stop you from what you wish to achieve in life because of the color of your skin. As a BIPOC knitter, this resonates with me because knitting is a craft not often associated with women of color but we can do it too! 

Where did the journey begin for BPM and how has it changed with time? 

BPM was born in 2018 as a maker of stitch markers and pins. Bags were never on the agenda but we saw a need and filled it! I started bag making in 2019 with no prior sewing experience. It began with cotton bags and finally arrived at vinyl bags in 2021 when BPM became my full-time gig. I was able to bring so many ideas to life operating at 100% capacity. 

Your bags are ICONIC and we wonder how you decided to venture into vinyl (fabric)? 

Thank you sooooo much! Whew! It has been a journey with the vinyl, for sure. As a neurodivergent knitter I lose A LOT of notions and even projects. Transparent project bags were a clear solution for me. That plus being a mom to a gymnast, I needed something to throw around and my precious suede and leather bags weren’t up for that challenge. 

Speaking of vinyl, we know that can be tricky to work with, was that a huge learning curve for you? 

Yes and no. Vinyl is a heavy material and attempting to sew it on my domestic machine was CRAZY! This pushed me to invest in an industrial machine and that made the task 95% easier. There are still tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way but I’d say the machine upgrade was my saving grace. 

Did you always know this was the direction you wanted to take your business? Project bags, maker tools, etc? 

Yes. Black Purl Magic was founded with the intention of bringing functional maker tools to the table. Project bags were an add on and vinyl bags were completely unexpected. 

What is your favourite product you have created? 

This is a tough one. I’ve made some pretty cool creations! I think my favorite would have to be the BAB (big ass bag). It’s just larger than life and fun! My go-to festival shopping and beach bag. 

What’s your advice on staying motivated while running a small business?

Slow and steady wins the race. Move at your own pace and know that no matter what other people bring to the table, your vibe will attract the right people. Your people will find you. They will wait for you. They will show up for you and they will carry you. 

What is the most stressful part of your business or what do you wish your audience understood better about your business? 

Definitely, the time and dedication that goes into each piece. I’m a solopreneur and extremely type A. This means that things move a little slower around here but the results are almost always on point as I am triple-checking each item. Lol. 

What new things should folks look out for from Black Purl Magic in the future? 

New materials! Vinyl has been an amazing wave for us! We are really looking forward to exploring different textures and bringing more bags to life. 

How can people find your products for sale? 

Our products are sold through our website We also do a few in-person shows each year which we usually announce over on Instagram.

You can follow the BPM journey on instagram at @BlackPurlMagic and shop their maker tools at


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