Free Pattern: Burrain Draft Excluder

We've come to the end of Wool Week, can you believe it?! It's been a wonderful week celebrating the Wonders of Wool each day here on the Pom Pom blog! To round things out we thought we'd share a marvellous free pattern with you, which we think sums up all the wonderful things about wool. Warmth? Check. Natural sheepy colours? Check. Colourful wool? Check. Amazing stranded knitting? Check!!

A few weeks ago the weather began to turn in London and suddenly we noticed a chilly draught of air creeping out from under the PPQ HQ door. Thankfully, we managed to remain calm and decided to get out our knitting needles. Our intern, Sonja, created Burrain to keep us warm and cosy inside. If like us you occupy a draughty Victorian building, this whimsical draught excluder will help to ward off the cold by turning even the chilliest of rooms into a warm haven. Sonja couldn't resist adding pom poms to each end - as fans of all things pom pom, we are so very glad she did!

This pattern is a great way to experiment with colour and an ideal project for stash busting as it uses as little as 27 metres of some colours. Sonja used 7 balls of Jamieson's Double Knitting in a combination of colours which are wonderfully clashy! The fairisle pattern makes for wonderfully addictive knitting. This simple project is a perfect introduction into stranded colourwork as there is no shaping and the DK yarn knits up quickly. We can't wait to see your version!

Did we mention that we love the pom poms on this draft excluder? Do you have a favourite pom pom? Maybe one on a hat, or one made out of a colour you love? Show us your poms on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using our #WOWeek hashtag! Every pom-my post is a chance to win a copy of the magazine! Happy Wool Week everyone!

by Sonja Bargielowska

Finished Measurements: 82 cm / 32.5” long (excluding pom poms) and 20.5 cm / 8.25” circumference.

Yarn: Jamieson’s Double Knitting (100% Shetland Wool; 25 g = 75 m / 82 yd); one ball of each colour
Colour A:  Natural Black - 101;  63 m / 69 yd
Colour B: Lupin - 629; 27 m  / 29 yd
Colour C: Yellow Ochre - 230; 33 m / 36 yd
Colour D: Mogit - 107; 51 m / 56 yd (including pom poms)
Colour E: Mooskit/ White - 114; 51 m / 56 yd (including pom poms)
Colour F: Shaela - 102; 36 m / 39 yd
Colour G: Titanic - 151; 30 m / 33 yd

Gauge: 23 stitches x 22.5 rows = 10 cm / 4” in stocking stitch

Needles: 3.5 mm / US 4 - double pointed needles OR 80 cm circular if using Magic Loop

Notions: scrap yarn, stitch marker, darning needle, toy stuffing or wool

k: knit
k2tog: knit two stitches together
pm: place marker
sts: stitches
rep: repeat


Cast on 48 sts in Colour A using a provisional cast on. Join in round, pm and k 2 rows using scrap yarn. Switch to Colour B and begin chart pattern. Repeat chart 3 times or until excluder is long enough to stop the offending draft. Make sure to end on Rnd 15, 30, 45 or 60.

Join colour F and knit decrease as follows:

Rnd 1: K one row. 48 sts

Rnd 2: *K6, k2tog* rep to end. 42 sts

Rnd 3: As Rnd 1.

Rnd 4: *K5, k2tog* rep to end. 36 sts

Rnd 5: As Rnd 1.

Rnd 6: *K4, k2tog* rep to end. 30 sts

Rnd 7: *K3, k2tog* rep to end. 24 sts

Rnd 8: *K2, k2tog* rep to end. 18 sts

Rnd 9: *K1, k2tog* rep to end. 12 sts

Rnd 10: K2tog to end. 6 sts

Break yarn and thread through the remaining 6 sts using a darning needle. Pull securely to close. Weave in all ends on wrong side. Wet block draft excluder, stuff with newspaper and allow to dry. The newspaper will ensure that it is easy to stuff.

While it is drying you can make the pom poms! Take a look at our awesome tutorial for more detailed instructions.

Once dry, replace newspaper with insulating wool or toy stuffing. Undo provisional cast on and place sts on needles. Rep Rnds 1 - 10. Break yarn and thread through the remaining 6 sts using a darning needle. Pull securely to close. Using scrap yarn and darning needle attach pom poms to either end of draft excluder.

Place the draft excluder in front of your door or window and enjoy that warm glow of satisfaction!

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