Issue 40's Preview Poms

For Issue 40, we tried something new! For the first time ever, we shared the patterns from a new issue with a group of preview knitters. They had access to the patterns a few weeks early so many of them have already finished their makes. We were blown away by the variation of yarn choices, so we've put together this blog post to help inspire you! 

Knitter: @katestangledstring
Project: Plumetis 
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk
Insight: 'Loved how airy Plumetis is, while also having the detail of lace. Such a perfect warmer weather layer, which I would definitely recommend.'

Knitter: @lisettehelena61
Project: Nereides 
Yarn: Artemis Yarn Sport weight in colourway Ethereal and West Wool Glow hair in colourway Birch tree 
Insight: 'I thought this piece really was a showstopper – something I could wear to a party! I would recommend knitting this piece to everyone who likes to work on an engaging project that's a little bit more challenging than straight stockinette. (And it's not too difficult either because after a few go-arounds you'll know the lace pattern off by heart!)'

Knitter: @virpiknits
Project: Oneiro 
Yarn: Gepard Garn Kid Seta; Orange and White. Ito Sensai Red. 7oczek Silk Mohair Red
Insight: 'Cardigan is so fluffy and I love how the colours are fading. Knitting sideways, starting from the sleeve was brilliant. No sleeve island! :-)'

Knitter: @subpolka
Project: Cirriform 
Yarn: Akara Yarns - Merino Sock - "White Owl" Colorway
Insight: 'I would absolutely recommend them to anyone/everyone - especially beginning sock knitters, as that ribbing is so adaptable to different foot shapes. I've knit a bunch of socks and slippers in my time, but these may be the best fitting ones.'

Knitter: @madeatlinden
Project: Cirriform 
Yarn: Isager Spinni in 4s & 61s held double with suri alpaca in Grey and Ecru
Insight: 'I knit it in suri alpaca held double with wool yarn & love how soft & fuzzy it is'

Knitter: @midnightsocietyknits
Project: Cloudbow (pullover)
Yarn: Katia Air Lux in colorway 72
Insight: 'I picked this project because I liked how light and airy the design looked in the photos.'

Knitter: @tidknit
Project: Cloudbow (dress)
Yarn: Lichen & Lace Marsh Mohair (Coral) & various scraps
Insight: 'I didn't have a knit dress and I also love a scrappy project! The construction was fun too'

Knitter: @peepinggoat
Project: Effervescent 
Yarn: Knitting with Olive 
Insight: 'I just loved the design so much, really stood out. Really enjoyed the detail and how simple the piece was.'

Knitter: @stringsews
Project: Flótti 
Yarn: Sandnes Garn Sunday, Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair
Insight: 'I loved picking the colours and creating a palette that will go with lots of things in my wardrobe. I picked it because I like playing with colours and this is modern take on stranded colourwork'


Knitter: @kalliopiaa
Project: Althaea 
Yarn: West Wool Tandem: Norway, Citroen, Brackish, Green Olive. Hedgehog Fibres: Tweedy and Tweedy Noir
Insight: 'I love stockinette and stripes. I also like large cozy sweaters that I can layer with thinner shirts underneath. And I liked that I was able to use up yarn I had since each stripe is approx one skein. And it was an easy/quick knit!'


Knitter: @twixyvix
Project: Althaea 
Yarn: Stash
Insight: 'I picked this design as I wanted a comfy wardrobe staple. Something that's easy to wear and goes with everything.'

Project: Leonora 
Itô Sensaï (tangerine), Onion mohair + wool color 319, + scraps
Insight: I choose Leonora because of its appearance, cheerful and colourful. The colour palette appealed to me and I stayed close to it. I'm also very keen on light and transparent fabrics. I also like a project that you can personalise and that allow some improvisation by using scraps.

Knitter: @sweater_goblin
Project: Leonora 
Yarn: Biches et Buches le petite silk mohair in dark blue green, Malabrigo arroyo in Diana and Camaleon, + various scraps
Insight: 'The project was a very unique design, which is what drew me to it. It also seemed like it was a more advanced set of techniques and I wanted to challenge myself. I would definitely recommend this project to moderate-advanced knitters looking for something very different from what is usually featured in publications both in terms of style and skills required. I loved that a lot of the different parts of the project could be swapped out or changed for preference. For example, I used a bunch of random scraps for the intarsia, so my project looked really different from the sample. I also used the beading technique as suggested, but I realize that you could just do whatever beading you wanted. Finally, the finished object fits fantastically. One of the best fitting, easiest wearing garments I've ever made.'

Knitter: @bronteswannick
Project: Reverie 
Yarn: Retrosaria Mondim in colours 303 and 210
Insight: 'I really loved the little bobbles and the colour work sections. They fit wonderfully and the colour work around the heel makes them feel a little like compression socks which I really like too.'

If these pictures got your knitterly senses tingling, you can purchase Issue 40 in print and digital form here. Look out for Issue 41's preview Poms who are already knitting and crocheting away! Xx 

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