Pom Pom MAL 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to Pom Pom's 2022 year-long make along! 

Throughout 2021, we ran our first ever year-long KAL and we had such positive feedback that we decided to host another during 2022! As we publish knitting, crochet, and sewing patterns as well as recipes and tutorials, we've decided to refer to the event as a MAL (make along) rather than the traditional KAL (knit along) to be more inclusive of all the craft patterns we publish. 

Each month will be sponsored by a different LYS, yarn company, or notions company and there will be two prizes at the end of every month!

MAL duration: 1st January 2022 - 31st December 2022. 

Which project(s) can I enter? Any project printed in a Pom Pom publication! This includes a pattern from any of our magazines, books, or one of our free patterns. In every issue of Pom Pom, we include a recipe and a tutorial which you're very welcome to enter, too! However, we ask that you only enter projects which you haven't entered in a Pom Pom KAL or MAL before. 

How do I enter? There are two ways you can enter! You can upload a photo to Instagram using #PomMAL2022 in your caption, or you can enter through our dedicated Ravelry thread.

If you choose to enter via Instagram, be sure your Instagram profile is public otherwise we won't be able to see your entry!

To enter via Ravelry, list your project on your profile and upload the photos you'd like to enter there. If you need some assistance on how to do that, click here. Then head to the '2022 Pom Pom Make Along! Chatter, WIPs and FOs!' thread. At the very foot of your browser, there'll be a menu bar. Click 'Reply to thread', then attach a photo by clicking on the photograph icon (the 5th icon above the text box). Select 'Use a project or stash photo'. You'll then see any recently uploaded project pictures that you can then post in the thread.

Let's talk prizes: At the end of every month, one winner will be randomly chosen from Instagram and another from Ravelry. We'll announce the winners on our Instagram stories and in the Ravelry thread. 

Top tip! Did you know that you can follow hashtags on Instagram? If you plan to enter via Instagram, we recommend you follow #PomMAL2022 for oodles of inspiration, or browse #PomKAL2021 to see the 800+ entries from last year! 

Are only FO (finished object) photos included? Nope! Both WIP (work-in-progress) and FO photos are welcome. 

We'll be posing content in collaboration with our sponsors throughout the year as well as quarterly MAL round ups, so keep your eyes peeled! January's sponsor is Wild Hand who are offering a tapestry weaving kit to two lucky winners (see below)! Best of luck, Pom Pals! Xx 

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