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Today marks Embody's official publication day! This means that if you have pre-ordered a print copy of Jacqueline Cieslak's debut book, then you can now redeem the digital download code on the inside back cover of the book.* The site on which you'll redeem your code is a Ravelry site, so if Ravelry is currently inaccessible to you, then please email and we'll happily get the PDFs to you another way. Publication day also means that, if your preference is for paperless patternsEmbody is now available in your format of choice! 

*If is not working for you, please use this link (also a Ravelry page). 

Woolfork Embody

Remember that hard copies of the sewing patterns are not provided with your print copy of Embody, but they are available to download now! If you pre-ordered Embody, then you'll have received an email inviting you to download the PDFs. But for everyone else purchasing Embody from today onwards, you'll have immediate access to these files. The files include print-at-home and copy shop files so you can choose how you'd like to print all the versions of Woolfork!

There are a number of reasons as to why we chose to provide digital-only sewing patterns. Woolfork - the book's sewing pattern - is designed to be repeatedly returned to, as Jacqui encourages her readers to customise the design to suit their unique style. Check out our blog post to see a handful of Woolfork's variations! Printable PDF files are practical for this purpose, as you can return to the files again and again to print or re-print the pattern you wish to work. Additionally, we wanted to keep Embody as affordable as possible. If we'd have provided printed patterns of all the variations of Woolfork, we'd have had to increase both the price of the publication and the shipping price and this is something we didn't want to do for reasons relating to financial accessibility.

Deren Tee

It's worth highlighting for anyone who has worked from a Pom Pom knitting pattern before, that Deren (and all its variations) are worked slightly differently. Deren is not written in our usual form whereby all the sizes are nested in brackets, it's more of a build-you-own adventure! Instead, the pattern is worked like an equation where you select the number of stitches which correlate to your measurements at various points, and there are optional customisations, such as bicep adjustments and bust darts, throughout the pattern. This ensures that your version of Deren will fit you perfectly.

Jacqui's patterns have been thoroughly test knitted and test sewn. To see how Deren and Woolfork look on a beautifully diverse range of bodies, please see Jacqui's 'Deren Test Knitting Round Up' and 'Woolfork Test Knitting Round Up'!

Happy knitting and sewing, crafters! We can't wait to see what you create! 

Love, Pom Pom

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