Issue 8

Ok, so we’re not perfect – who is? Here is the errata for any misprints in pattern instructions. Of course, if you find any yourself, do let us know!



Lace Pattern Chart and Written Instructions Sizes 1, 3 and 4:
Row 9: Please omit the ssk at stitch 4 and the k2tog at stitch 20 (fourth to last st) and work as k instead.

All sizes:
Right Front Neck and Left Front Neck both say to decrease ‘until 34 (38, 43, 48, 53, 59) sts rem’ which is correct. Please disregard the instruction following this stitch count about ending on a RS or WS row. Simply finish on the row where you have decreased to the correct stitch count whether this is a RS or WS row.


Amenoato Chart: Only work the repeat if you have enough stitches to complete a full repeat whilst keeping the pattern correct.