Episode 60 – Ruffles & Stripes, Oh My!

Hey Pomcats! Welcome back to our podcast, known as the Pomcast! After a year's hiatus, Lydia Gluck and Sophie Scott have dusted off their microphones to bring you their pun-filled chats about knitting, making, and all the exciting things that happen in Pom land. Recording separately from their abodes, the duo catch up about recent projects, the upcoming summer issue 33, and what life in lockdown means for them.


We start off this episode with a quick roundup of some stand out knits from last year. Lydia fell head over socked feet for the Snowshoe sock pattern from Knits About Winter and made many multi-coloured versions for friends and family. She also mentioned Izumi, which was on hold for a while as a WIP, but since finishing has been a staple piece in her wardrobe.

For Sophie, Woodwardia from Issue 28 was her go-to cosy jumper of 2019. A comforting knit with minimal fuss, she chose a cheery orange from De Rerum Natura and loves the versatility of this pattern. Last year also saw her completing a pair of gloves, a construction technique that she had marvelled at from afar for many years!

We also talk about crafts that are currently keeping us occupied. Sophie is stash diving for her Garter Squish Blanket, and has finally cracked open her Emily Peacock tapestry kit.

Lydia is dabbling with macrame and has been working through the projects in Modern Macrame, see below for her exciting bath mat! She's also revisited a quilt that she started at a class with Abigail Booth of Forest and Found (at London-based shop Raystitch) and recommends the Instagram stories of Gina Rockenwagner for some quilt know-how and inspiration.

How are your crafting endeavours fairing during lockdown? Are they a welcome distraction? Or is settling on a project overwhelming? It's something we're thinking about as everyone's time and energy is split differently right now.


Here comes the sun! Our summer issue is currently being lovingly parcelled up and safely shipped to homes and businesses around the world. Subscribers can look forward to their copy arriving in mid-June and it will also be available at your LYS from it's official on-sale sate of 24th June. Plus there are two covers for this issue! We just couldn’t decide on one this quarter! But don’t sweat, no matter which cover you receive, exactly the same wonderful content is inside.

We chat about organising this issue during a lockdown, plus some of our picks from the patterns. Sunwake, Güneş, Delta and Ardent are queued up to be on our hooks and needles first, but of course we love them all!

You can see all the Issue 33 designs here.

Top Three

Don't call it a comeback, it's Top Three! It might not be a surprise to hear we went for a lockdown theme and we're listing the top three new things we've tried during the past few months.

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