Episode 1 - Cast On

Hello Pom Pommers!

Getting ready to (Pom)cast on! 😜


We have a new addition to the Pom Pom palette, a podcast - or 'pomcast' as we are calling it. Pomcast features PPQ editor Lydia and PPQ pal Sophie, bringing you musings on knitting and crochet, colour, life, craft, the world and everything (with plenty of giggles). Episode 1 is all ready for you, so listen away to your heart's content here:


(pssst - if you are trying to listen on a mobile device you need the Soundcloud app).

Want information for your eyes as well as for your ears? Here we have links and pics for your enjoyment, and even if you haven't listened yet, have a little peek.

Tell and Tell

Sophie and Lydia discuss their current projects, amongst other things.

Lydia's Quadrillion from PPQ6

Lydia is knitting Quadrillion from Pom Pom Issue 6. The beautiful yarn she is using is dyed by PPQ fave Uncommon Thread. Also on her needles is Fort by Brooklyn Tweed in Shelter, and a pair of Juju’s Afterthought Heel Socks. Afterthought heels rule!

Sophie is Knitting the Firewood Shawl from PPQ5 which she has started in Malabrigo Worsted, in the colour Cadmium… further colours TBC! But the real star project of the show is a heart from Knitty.com knit in Wollmeise in Rhesus Negative; yes it's a heart made from blood coloured yarn!


Heart - from Knitty.com


Colour of the Cast 



Our colour of the cast is Red! Red is good. We like it.


For Pomcast 1 our interviewee is Juju Vail, Pom Pom photographer, designer and Canadian extraordinaire. Amongst other things, Juju talks about the process and inspiration behind her class ‘Outside the Stitch Dictionary’ - look out for Juju’s article on this topic in our upcoming Summer 2014 Issue! We also talked about Juju's love of colourwork.

Juju chose the Shilasdair Luxury 4ply base as her 'desert island' yarn, an excellent choice in our opinion! The designers Juju mentioned are Kirstin Kapur, Needle Lady, Stephen West.


If you couldn't make it to Unravel 2014 and want to take a look at any of the exhibitors we mentioned follow the links below:

Skein Queen
John Arbon
Sweet Georgia
Eden Cottage
Tin Can Knits 
Bigwigs Angora

Top 5 

…teas! Listen to find out our top five teas – pretty cutting edge stuff.

Here is the promised sketch of the sheep pyramid - a once in a lifetime experience, recreated especially for you!

We also have an important apology to make - we forgot to include Earl Grey as a top five tea. Pomcast 2 will be fuelled by Earl Grey.

So thanks for listening and reading! Please send all your feedback or contributions podcast@pompommag.com - we would love to hear your jokes, stories and top five lists. And tell us what you are making, eating, thinking etc.

Pomcast is produced by Lydia Gluck and Sophie Scott, and master editor Eli Block. For more music by Eli click here.

Pom on!