Episode 4 - With Linda Lencovic of Kettle Yarn Co.

We are back with Episode 4 of Pomcast, so sit back with your fave project and listen away! Be sure to download the Soundcloud app if you want to listen on a mobile device, or if you subscribe to the Pomcast on iTunes it should appear on your device now! 

After listening to the podcast you might be intrigued by Sophie's visit to Harry Potter world. Here is the knittiest stuff HP has to offer:

Magic knitting at The Burrow! 

Ron's knitted bedspread!


We had so much fun at Unwind! We don't have any pics of the spectacular seagulls we mentioned, but here is a Cinderella carriage:

We also got some seriously good swag, here's the lovely lot that Sophie brought home;

Top row left to right; John Arbon - Hayward in Kestrel and Viola in blackcurrent, buttons from textile garden. Below; Kettle Yarn Co. Islington in pom and Beyul in yurt.

And here's Lydia's:

Top from left to right; Old Maiden Aunt Merino 4ply in 'to the black', and the Uncommon Thread Merino DK in confetti. Below; John Arbon Knit by Numbers in KBN 29 (purple),KBN 22 (pink) and KBN 05 (grey).

Here are some silly pics of us with our lovely balloons from Bonbon Balloons:

Such a great weekend!

The pier in Brighton - the perfect sight after a day having yarn-based fun indoors!

Tell + Tell

Lydia has been making crochet friendship bracelets from the Pom Pom blog, here's the pineapple crush one in summery orange. Needs blocking, but almost there!

Sophie has started her Pebble Beach Shawlette in Kettle Yarn Co. Beyul:

Sophie has also been working on a Vertitwist Hat, amongst many other things!


Interview - Linda Lencovic of Kettle Yarn co.

Linda tells us all about how she got into dyeing, and all sorts of other interesting things! We used Kettle Yarn Co. yarns in Waterlily and Creamsicle.

If you need more lovely yarn in your life (who doesn't?) Linda is hosting a Willy Wonka-like 'Yarn-y Golden Ticket' random draw for her first anniversary as Kettle Yarn Co. The contest will run from Sept 1st to 30th and any Kettle Yarn Co. newsletter subscribers that purchase yarn in that time period will be entered into a random draw for 5 skeins of Wimbledon in Melon Balls.

For more Kettle Yarn Co. fun, including KALs and patterns (like the lovely Brioche hat 'Lomond' shown below), you can visit Linda's Etsy shop and her blog.

Colour of the Cast - Green

So many green facts! You can find the yarns we discussed here:

Madeline Tosh in Mineral || The Uncommon Thread in Zitouni || Kettle Yarn Co. in Pom

There was debate as to whether Mineral and Pom are blue or green... what do you guys think?

Top 3... ice creams!

Listen to find out what we chose from the frozen desert counter.

And don't forget we had a super yummy ice cream recipe in our Summer issue this year - Raspberry Eton Mess Parfait! So yummy!

That's all this time folks! Thanks again for listening... and reading!

x Pom Pom