Episode 45 - Knitters in the Round at Pomfest: When There's a Wool, There's a Way!

Hello Pomcats!

Happy Halloween! We hope you are doing some scarily good crafting, and ready to indulge in Pomcast episode 45. This episode is a little different; our wonderful producer Eli (who you may remember from his Pomcast cameos reading your knitting horror stories) just became a father for the first time, so we have some Pomfest highlights to share with you while he spends time with his new family. Pomfest featured a talks program with a line up of brilliant speakers, and as well as those talks we hosted two Knitters in the Round discussions, hosted by Anna Maltz.

Our first ever Knitters in the Round discussion was via Youtube about the pussy hat. But for this episode you can listen to Anna and our panellists discussing how the yarn industry has changed over the past five years (as Pom Pom is now five!) in their particular corners of the industry and in the industry as a whole.

We were interested to hear stories from people who had varied experiences of the industry, and also of where knitting has led them, and where they see the future of the yarny world. 

Our panellists are:

Emily Foden (Viola Yarns)
Sonia Bargielowska (Blacker Yarns)
Emily Wessel (of TinCanKnits)
Olga Buraya-Kefelian (of Olgajazzy)

So without further ado, here it is! Enjoy! 

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We look forward to bringing you another episode featuring the second of our Knitters in the Round talks from Pomfest, next time our panellists will be discussing the topic of conscious crafting and what it means to them. 
xxx Pom Pom