Episode 53 - Dana Williams-Johnson

Hey Pomcats! We're enjoying a heatwave (a tropical heatwave), but we're getting prepped for the change of the seasons. While being warmed (or should that be cooled?) by thoughts of our upcoming autumn and winter publications, Lydia and Sophie bring you their exceptional blend of knitting news and puns for your enjoyment.  Our guest this episode is Dana Williams-Johnson (who is a hoot!), so why not pop the podcast on and join us with your knitting?

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Our new Autumn issue, Issue 26 is just on the horizon, like a moon waiting to rise in an autumnal sky. We asked our designers to look to all things lunar for their inspiration, and we've certainly been mooning over what they created...

And the knits don't stop there! We've officially announced that Issue 27 will see the pioneering Norah Gaughan as our guest editor, and we are also eagerly awaiting our upcoming book Knits about Winter by Emily Foden. With all these North American knits and knitters it of course makes sense for us to head to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival again this October to launch all these exciting Pom Pom publications - maybe see you there? We'll be the ones with all the maple cream pretzels. 

Tell + Tell

While Sophie's been playing it cool with some easy, breezy baby hats, Lydia's been working on some top secret socks (all will be revealed come winter)! The gals exchange notes on dabbling with quilting and recent travels, plus Lydia celebrates finishing a recent sewing project! (Note very dead straw like grass to prove heatwave situation).


You may recognise our interviewee from our Instagram feed where she 'broke the internet' (as the kids might say!). Her version of our Issue 24 cover star Durumi and her matching version for her dog Jellybean made so many of you smile, so we just had to get her on the podcast. It was such a treat talking to a knitter about the postive power that yarn and the fibre community can have, thanks Dana. See what's on her needles next here. And if you fancied reading the article that was mentioned from Modern Daily Knitting (always worth a visit) then you can find it here

(Te)x(t) Files

Have you ever blessed someone's cotton socks? We're unpicking this textile phrase at the seams to find out more...

Top Three

Did we mention there was a heat weave? We're in the mood for some summer snacks, and luckily, that's what this top three is all about!

We’ll see you next month Pomcats! Happy knitting!

Pom Pom xxx