Episode 54 – Moon Gazing and Yarn Chasing!

Hey Pomcats, it's time for another episode of fibre fun. We have a healthy stash of news to share with you so if your needles took a break over the summer, get ready to dust them off and dive in to all the new publications that we have coming soon. We've got our usual features of Tell and Tell, Top Three, and Text Files, plus a review of some fab yarn from our sponsors Rauwerk. Grab your knitting and get comfy!

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Thanks to Rauwerk for sponsoring this episode.

Rauwerk is not only the name of a yarn base, but also the name of a shop in Munich. The yarn is 100% Merino sourced from a single farm, and spun in a family run mill just South of Munich in the beautiful Chiemgau area.

The fundamental principle behind Rauwerk Wool lies firmly in working with, and not against, Mother Nature. The name Rauwerk stands for fresh fields, the beauty of untouched nature and the purity of the yarn. The brand represents the journey of the wool from the very first appearance of the lambs at the farm, through the care and respect of the farmers, down to the shearing and spinning of the wool itself.



The release of our Autumn Issue 26 saw the fastest selling Pom Pom to date! You folks were over the moon with these patterns, and the demand for this issue has meant that we've made the decision to re-print Issue 26. 

Lydia and Sophie had a chat about some of their favourite patterns including Sky Map, Artemis, Hecate and Sina.

Also on the horizon is Winter Issue 27 (guest edited by Norah Gaughan) and Knits About Winter by Emily Foden. Remember to mark your diaries with the upcoming festivals and events you'll be able to see us at, and pre-order or buy these new publications! 

Yarndale 29th - 30th September, Skipton, UK // Knit City 29th - 30th Vancouver, Canada //

Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool  20th - 21st October

Rhinebeck will be the first place to see the new Issue 27 and Knits About Winter, plus we'll have a host of designers at the Pom Pom booth to sign your copies. We'll also be hosting a book launch party for Knits About Winter at Loop, London and the lovely Emily herself will be teaching a few classes based on the themes of the book (find out more via the Loop website).

Tell + Tell

Lydia is still working on some secret projects, but we can now start to reveal that she's caught sock fever, using one of the patterns from Knits about Winter. Sophie is progressing along with the Waffle Blanket and hopes to have an Issue 26 or 27 project on the needles soon.


We take a look at the gloriously sheepy Rauwerk. Sophie used this 100% Merino wool for a shawl (Gentle People by Sylvia McFadden). A light and airy woollen spun, we love this yarn for cozy jumpers and shawls, plus we're big fans of Rauwerk's ethical principles! Find out more about Rauwerk here.

(Te)x(t) Files

Know a 'man of the cloth'? Well, even if you don't you can now educate yourself with the meaning of this phrase. Remember - we want to baaalieve.

Top Three

... Emojis! Will our top one make you think ? or ?

We’ll see you next month Pomcats! Happy knitting!

Pom Pom xxx