Episode 62 – Gudrun Johnston

Hi Pomcats, did you miss us? Well, we missed you! After a short respite, we’re renewed and ready to start this next chapter of knit chat goodness. 

We’re trying a new schedule too, so instead of a monthly offering, you can look forward to a new Pomcast episode every two weeks! We’ll also be alternating between dedicated interview episodes and ones that focus on Pom news and knitting/craft chat! You’ll also see that our logo has had a digital lick of paint thanks to the talented Amy Blackwell!

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For this audio offering, we’re getting cosy with Gudrun Johnston and hearing all about her upcoming release The Shetland Trader, Book Three: Heritage. For this collection, Gudrun has taken the designs from her mother's made-to-order knitwear business run in the 1970s and updated them for contemporary knitters. Check the blog post here to see the patterns in all their groovy colourwork glory!

This publication has been so thoughtfully researched, with Gudrun exploring the family archives and playing ‘knit detective’ with historical samples. It was a pleasure to hear more about how she put together Book Three.

Of course Lydia and Sophie had to muse on their must-knits from these special Shetland stylings! Sophie selected the Willapund vest and the gorgeous Smora hat (pictured above), while Lydia is deciding colour combos for Maywick and thinking about how delightful the lacy Snaraness kerchief is (pictured below)!

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Pom Pom xx