Garter Tab Cast-On

Garter Tab Cast On
Step 1: Cast on 3 stitches. (We've used the long-tail cast-on method, but most cast-ons should be fine!)
Step 2: Knit 7 rows in garter stitch. This creates three sets of garter bumps.
Step 3: Rotate piece 90 degrees clockwise. Pick up 3 stitches down the side, one in each garter bump.
Step 4: Knit the 3 stitches you picked up. 6 stitches total.
Step 5: Now rotate piece another 90 degrees clockwise and pick up 3 stitches in the cast-on edge. This can be tricky and you could just pick up the left strand of each cast-on stitch.
Step 6: Knit the 3 stitches you picked up. You now have 9 stitches and are ready to knit that shawl!