Kitchener stitch (a.k.a grafting) is used to join toe stitches in most top-down sock patterns including our Hulanicki, Fika, and Camp + Trail socks. But it’s also a nifty trick for seamless joins in all sorts of garments and accessories. The floaty light Garland top uses Kitchener stitch to create an invisible join at the shoulders, as does Waterlily. Super sturdy and stylish market bag Pomelo uses kitchener stitch too! And lacy classic Turnberry has a little sneaky Kitchener stitch to join at the underarm. And last but not least, KS is also used in the Striated pattern from our spring 2016 issues. So versatile!

Sit back, relax and learn the joys of Kitchener stitch - all brought to you by the lovely people at Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud and Chloe yarn!