Removable Pom Pom

Removable Pom Pom Tutorial

How to attach your Pom Pom - a removable Pom Pom!

Check List: 
Pom Pom
Tapestry Needle
Sewing Thread
25cm/10" of Yarn


Step 1: With a tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the pom pom. 

Step 2: Twist the two ends in the same direction then twist them together. Tie a knot approx 2cm / 3/4" from base of pom pom. 

Step 3: Untwist ends and tie another knot leaving just enough space fir the button to slip through. In this case, a 2cm/ 3/4" button was used and a 1.5cm / 1/2" space was left. Trim ends. 

Step 4: With sewing thread, attach the button to the inside of the hat approx 2.5cm / 1" from the hole, then slip yarn through the hole with the pom pom on the outside. 

Step 5: Slip button through knits to attach pom pom and voila!