EU Shipping FAQ

JULY 2021

On July 1st 2021, the tax/VAT rules between the UK and the EU changed. Instead of paying customs duties and charges on receipt of your Pom Pom order, you will be charged VAT at checkout and we will then manage this VAT for you. This means that you should not be charged any extra fees to receive your items. 

In order for this to happen, Pom Pom is in the process of registering to pay this VAT and our application is still in progress. Unfortunately this means that we will not be able to accept orders from the EU or ship to the EU until our application is approved. 

We hope that we will be able to resume orders in the next couple of weeks and will keep you updated. 

What does this mean for my subscription?

All existing EU subscriptions will be held until we are able to start shipping again. We have set aside stock to cover existing subscriptions so rest assured that your copy will be shipped to you as soon as possible and if there are any significant delays, we will keep you updated. 

Can I renew my subscription or pre-order the new issue?

At this time we are unable to accept orders for new subscriptions or pre-orders for customers in the EU. We have set aside stock of our upcoming Autumn issue, and also our new book which is due for pre-order in late July, so copies will be available even if we have to restrict ordering for longer than we expect.

If you would prefer to order from one of our wonderful EU retailers, please click here to see our stockist list!

When will orders be open again? 

We are aiming to have orders open and to resume shipping from late July, but we will keep this page updated and will update our newsletter and social media accounts too.

What happens if my order is held or delayed past the release date? 

In the event that copies are held or delayed to the point that they may arrive after the official release date of 16th August, all EU subscribers and pre-order customers will receive updated files via email and also via our website, which can be accessed via your Pom Pom account. These files will be made available by 12-noon BST on 16th August 2021.