Interview with Qing Fibre!

Naea from Issue 34, featuring Qing Fibre's Merino Singles and Ocean By The Sea's Halo. 

It's no secret that Qing Fibre are sponsoring the first month of our year-long KAL! We've used Qing yarn several times in Pom Pom publications - it's safe to say that we're Qing fans! Check out Chapman from Issue 32, Naea from Issue 34, Iskant and Midnight Garden from Issue 35, and of course the lilac version of Elowen from Ready Set Raglan to see how we've used their yarn in previous Pom Pom designs! 

We had the opportunity to chat with Layla from Qing Fibre and to ask her some questions about the importance of knitting in her own life as well as some burning questions we had about Qing! Enjoy, Pom Pals!

Chapman from Issue 32, featuring Qing's Melted Baby Suri Alpaca and Supersoft DK 

How did your knitting journey begin, and what inspired you to get into yarn dying? 
I started knitting in 2013, when I was in my uni. Knitting really helped me to cope with stress and anxiety! I was inspired by my grandma, it seemed to me that she could make everything out of her hands when I was little. I like to see things made from scratch, and the touch and smell of natural, raw materials. So it was quite natural when it comes to knit with hand-dyed yarn, I started to dye my own colours, I love the undyed raw wool!

What do you love most about the knitting and crochet community? 
It is brilliant to find a place with people who share the same interest! I enjoy how these people surround you, love what you love, and understand you! I love how creative people are in this community. 

Midnight Garden from Issue 35, featuring Qing's Melted Baby Suri Alpaca and Dyed by Delz' Twist DK

From eye-popping neons to softer metallic-y pastels, Qing has a wonderful range of shades! Is there a particular colourway of yours which is hands down the most popular?
It changes every now and then! Many of our very old pastel neons like Shusui, Soft Lemon and Electronics are always popular, but it depends on people's mood and the seasons. Moody colours have been a big hit in the last couple of years though! 

Are there any particular Qing colourways you find yourself reaching for again and again in your own knitting? 
Bone, Oyster, Lightning and many grey toned semi-solids, to pair with bright neon! 

We used your gorgeous Melted Baby Suri Alpaca for the lilac Elowen sample in Ready Set Raglan. Which pattern from the book is your favourite?
I love the textured rib in Elowen and the little shoulder details on Cyren, the volumed sleeves!

Elowen from Ready Set Raglan, featuring Qing's Melted Baby Suri Alpaca 

Qing have recently branched out into designing - exciting stuff! Is there anything which prompted your first steps into this new avenue? 
I've always tried to knit without a pattern since I started knitting in 2013, but it was mainly because i was inspired by things in the 80s & 90s. I would love to try to combine 'old fashion classics' with the modern silhouette! I'd also wanted to design something that's playful and cheerful!

Do you have any fun news or forthcoming products which you'd like to share here?
I'm just knitting an Ox-man who I've named 'Taro'! He's a fun-looking cute monster! There's also a new Valentine special colour called 'XOXO' coming soon this Valentines day. We have also been working hard on our new Spring/Summer collection which will be released in March. They're colours I've had in my mind for a while, so I'm really excited to see them on the skeins! Keep an eye out! :)

'Taro' the ox-man!
Qing's new XOXO colour way! 

Thanks Layla! We think your new XOXO colour way would make a wonderful Naea scarf from Issue 34! Want to be in with the chance of winning 3 skeins of Qing's Merino Singles? Is that a yes we hear?! Then why not enter our KAL? You can find all the details on how to enter here! Xx

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