#PomMAL2022 Round Up, April - June

Hello crafters! 

In the second quarter of our year-long MAL, we've had 3 wonderful sponsors! In April, two lucky crafters were treated to a 'bouquet of yarn' by our friends at Jamisons of Shetland, in May the two winners were gifted a project's worth of Malabrigo's Susurrus base to make Fenix from Issue 37, and in June two MAL participants won kits to make Euphorium from Issue 41 by Ritual Dyes! 

Here's a collection of MAL entries which caught our eyes over the last couple of months! 

Zener by @celine_gsrt from Moon and Turtle

Oneiro by @vert.and.rose from Issue 40

Lateralis by @ms.shutterhoney from Issue 41

Timbre by @kikucorner from Issue 30 

Reifel by @chubekkah_makes from Issue 37

Ginsan by @erinisknitting from Moon and Turtle

Effervescent by @l.l.knits from Issue 40

 Plumetis by @cath850 from Issue 40 

Willapund by @geraldine_woe from The Shetland Trader, Book Three: Heritage  

Enter our MAL before the end of July and you could win a kit from ITO to make Silvatica, the graphic scarf from Issue 38 – oh my! For details on how to enter, please see out blog post, 'Pom Pom MAL 2022'. Best of luck, crafters! Xx 

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